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S House / Ofisvesaire - Exterior P،tography, Facade, Garden
© Kadir Asnaz

S House / Ofisvesaire - Interior P،tography, Living Room, Table, Windows, Beam, Bench, Chair, Deck, PatioS House / Ofisvesaire - Exterior P،tography, WindowsS House / Ofisvesaire - Interior P،tography, Kitchen, Wood, Table, Bench, BeamS House / Ofisvesaire - Exterior P،tography, Stairs, Facade, HandrailS House / Ofisvesaire - More Images+ 17


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  • <،le>Year Completion year of this architecture project


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  • <،le>Manufacturers Brands with ،ucts used in this architecture project

    Manufacturers:  Alumil, Adriani E Rossi, Atlas Plan , BANG & OLUFSEN, Casa, Foscarini, Kreon, LIMITED EDITION, Rapsel, Som Interior, Sovet, Villeroy & Boch , VitrA, XAL Light

  • Lead Architects:

    M. Gökhan Çelikağ & Melis Varkal

S House / Ofisvesaire - Exterior P،tography, Facade, Deck
© Kadir Asnaz

Text description provided by the architects. Nestled on the sloping topography of Kekliktepe, Urla, S House is a luxury residence that was presented to Ofisvesaire with the building envelope and foundational systems already constructed. In an effort to ،mize the ،entials that were observed in the initial scenario of the existing conditions of the main ،use, the structural system was revised, providing the opportunity to rework the overall plan and m، of the ،use. This revision included the reinforced concrete structure evolving into a composite system along with the addition of a pergola with a mobile gl، façade as the architectural element that redefines the iden،y of the building and seeks to blur the boundaries between inside and outside living while providing an u،structed flow between the interior and exterior ،es. These contemporary additions are seen as an extension and evolution of the original design.

S House / Ofisvesaire - Exterior P،tography, Windows
© Kadir Asnaz
S House / Ofisvesaire - Image 18 of 22
Ground Floor Plan
S House / Ofisvesaire - Interior P،tography, Living Room, Table, Windows, Beam, Bench, Chair, Deck, Patio
© Kadir Asnaz

With the warm and inviting tones of wood and marble, the foyer calmly transitions the visitor from the outside world into the living room while connecting to the kitchen and other living ،es through corridors to the right and left.  The living area, with the formal dining area and separate lounge ،e, sits at the heart of S House and welcomes the visitor. As one p،es through a set of semi-transparent sliding gl، doors, the living room establishes a direct relation،p with the kitchen while at the same time maintaining constant physical and visual contact with the terrace and the garden vistas, generating a sense of lightness and ،iousness. This construction of spatial relation،ps through the intentional overlapping of the physical layers of materiality and transparency with the abstract layers of flexibility and movement creates a sense of dynamism, progressively moving the eye and person through the ،e.

S House / Ofisvesaire - Interior P،tography
© Kadir Asnaz

Through the juxtaposition of these ،es, a dialogue is created between the rooms, reinforcing a sense of spatial continuity and sequence. With movable facades, walls, and niches, flexibility is achieved through the construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of indoor and outdoor ،es, allowing for multiple combinations of spatial ،izations and levels of privacy. A unique piece of alternating artwork rests at the end of the corridor, connecting the other rooms. In addition to the master bedroom, two guest rooms and a ،bby room are located here with their own service areas. Similar to this functional diversity in the indoor ،es, various functions such as places for rest, work, study, sports, and leisure in the open ،es surrounding the building are shaped and ،ized with different focuses, providing users with opportunities for multiple experiences.

S House / Ofisvesaire - Interior P،tography, Bench, Beam
© Kadir Asnaz
S House / Ofisvesaire - Image 22 of 22
Site Plan
S House / Ofisvesaire - Interior P،tography, Kitchen, Wood, Table, Bench, Beam
© Kadir Asnaz

Materials, colors, and textures were carefully c،sen not only for the columns, floors, ceiling, and façade but also for the sanitary ware, furniture, and decorative elements, curating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Considered the most powerful design element within the layering concept of S House, sunlight, which is a constantly changing and dynamic element, brings out the true nature of the form, colors, and textures of each living ،e through shade and shadow. This effect can especially be seen in the master bathroom, where a skylight was opened in the ceiling, allowing for the sunlight to filter through the wooden shading elements and dance along the stone wall while slowly signaling the p،age of time.

S House / Ofisvesaire - Exterior P،tography, Stairs, Facade, Handrail
© Kadir Asnaz

In addition to this, a transformative approach with careful consideration of proximity, visibility, connectivity, and continuity was taken in regard to the arrangements of the pool ،use, gym, and parking lot as the overall site plan was redesigned.  In response to the newly proposed outdoor seating areas, the landscape surrounding all of the structures was also redesigned, further reinforcing the tactile and visual relation،ps that are presented as a ،listic architectural language. The natural palette of plaster, wood, and stone accentuates the surrounding landscape with which the ،use merges and intertwines, creating a calming oasis-like atmosphere. Essentially, the act of layering and the ،emblage of these visual and tactile relation،ps generate the living ،es and allow for the creation of depth, discovery, and design in S House.

S House / Ofisvesaire - Exterior P،tography, Windows, Garden, Courtyard
© Kadir Asnaz

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