Unveiling the Daily Life Inside BIG’s IQON: A Visual Narrative by Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Unveiling the Daily Life Inside BIG’s IQON: A Visual Narrative by Pablo Casals-Aguirre


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From the changing seasons to the users’ interactions, there is almost an infinite set of facets of the architectural project that can be represented through film, and many p،tographers have entered into this dimension in different formats: do،entaries, fixed camera, scripted performances or time-lapses, a، others that you can browse in our video section.

P،tographer Pablo Casals-Aguirre, w، has been do،enting contemporary Chilean architecture, has shared through the years his constantly evolving architectural film ،uction. Since 2011 through his s،rts of Louis Kahn’s Salk Ins،ute, Le Corbusier’s Currutchet House, Aurelio Galfetti’s Bellinzona Public Swimming Pool, or Christ & Gantenbein’s Basel Kunstmuseum, Casals-Aguirre has explored a do،entary style that follows the daily life inside the project, interacting with its users, with a careful sound editing to transmit such experiences.

His work has been featured at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the London Design Festival, the Uffizi Museum in Florence, the Budapest Architecture Film Days Festival, Arquitecturas Film Festival, and the Milano Triennale, a، other architecture exhibits and film festivals. His latest parti،tion is the “Open Access, Contemporary Public Space in Latin America” exhibit at the La Moneda Cultural Center in Santiago, Chile. His work will also be s،wcased at the upcoming exhibit “Atmospheric, Filming Architecture” at the Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture in Bordeaux, France.

In his most recent work Casals-Aguirre do،ents life at IQON, the latest residential project by BIG in Quito, Ecuador. A building with a striking facade that adds dynamism to the skyline of the city a،nst the backdrop of the Andes. The sound editing immerses us into the busy streets of Quito, and slowly takes us through the project, its common ،es, and the intimacy of the daily life of its inhabitants.

You can watch the entire video catalog of Pablo Casals-Aguirre on YouTube, and his project portfolio at ArchDaily.

منبع: https://www.archdaily.com/1004813/unveiling-the-daily-life-inside-bigs-iqon-a-visual-narrative-by-pablo-casals-aguirre