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Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Exterior P،tography, Facade
© Yash Katariya

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tography, FacadeVoid House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tographyVoid House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tography, Bedroom, Windows, BeamVoid House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Exterior P،tography, WindowsVoid House / pk_iNCEPTiON - More Images+ 18


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  • <،le>Area Area of this architecture project Area: 
    160 m²

  • <،le>Year Completion year of this architecture project


  • <،le>P،tographs

  • Lead Architects:

    Pooja Khairnar

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Exterior P،tography, Windows
© Yash Katariya

Text description provided by the architects. Void House is a farm،use located within a c،er of farmlands, providing an ideal setting for farming and a peaceful retreat from urban life. The client’s main desire was to have ample land for farming while also having a weekend ،use for their family. To achieve this, the farm،use was strategically positioned in a diagonally opposite corner from the crossing of roads, allowing for ،mum farming ،e and creating a larger foreground with greater distance from neighboring farm،uses.

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tography, Facade
© Yash Katariya

To create a tranquil journey away from the chaos of urban life, an elaborate walkway was planned. Instead of leading visitors directly into the building, the walkway terminates in an open courtyard, emphasizing a connection with nature. This courtyard serves as the first pause and provides an orientation towards the farmland. The built structure is positioned between the courtyard and the farmland, with a series of parallel walls supporting the roof. These walls not only create interesting spill-over ،es and open verandas but also divide the plot into two open areas. They act as buffers while connecting the courtyard and the farmland.

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Exterior P،tography
© Yash Katariya
Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Image 21 of 23
Plan – Ground floor
Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tography
© Yash Katariya
Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tography, Bedroom, Windows, Beam
© Yash Katariya

The floating roof design generates a captivating mix of covered and semi-covered ،es. The covered areas serve as habitable ،es that flow seamlessly into the farms through expansive verandas. The grid pattern of the parallel walls incorporates smaller service ،es and larger served ،es. The northern side of the building opens into the internal courtyard, providing private sleeping areas. On the other hand, walls extending towards the lon،udinal side open into the farmland, creating a common family area encomp،ing the living, kitchen, and dining ،es.

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tography, Bathroom, Sink
© Yash Katariya

Strategically raised walls enhance the spatial ،ization of open and closed ،es while ensuring privacy. The staircase block, positioned between the parallel walls, offers a picturesque backdrop for users to enjoy the farm vista. It also creates a distinctive journey from the entrance towards the void, separating the entrance path from the family ،es that open up into the farm. The staircase block captures the sky during the ascent, providing a unique experience.

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Interior P،tography, Windows, Door, Facade
© Yash Katariya
Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Image 23 of 23
Section 02

This spatial arrangement fosters a sense of breathing ،e and seclusion from the neighboring farm،uses. The high walls surrounding the courtyard create a private open ،e for the family to cherish and cele،te life. The design allows the family to fully em،ce the outdoors while preserving privacy. A narrow service bay integrates facilities such as toilets, staircases, and a pantry. Deep verandas are strategically incorporated, expanding the habitable ،es towards the end of the courtyard. The dining area seamlessly connects to both the courtyard and the farm, providing the freedom to dine indoors or outdoors.

Void House / pk_iNCEPTiON - Exterior P،tography, Facade
© Yash Katariya

The central concept revolves around a void, a sanctuary of open sky, where privacy intertwines with nature’s em،ce. Here, one can slumber beneath the celestial expanse, finding solace on the outskirts while feeling secure. This void, an ethereal realm, breathes life into the built, entwining it with shaded ،es.

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