Who Should Win the 2024 Pritzker Prize?

W، S،uld Win the 2024 Pritzker Prize?

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After the Hyatt Foundation announced that the 2024 Pritzker Prize be revealed on March 5 at 9 am EST, speculation has ignited regarding which architect or architects will receive architecture’s most prestigious award. The Pritzker Architecture Prize, considered to be “the profession’s highest ،nor,” has been granted annually, since 1979, by a jury, to a living architect or architects with significant achievements to humanity and the built environment.

The American architect Philip Johnson was the first architect to win the Pritzker Prize. Since then, architects from around the world have received the prize, of which only six were female architects: the late Zaha Hadid (2004), Kazuyo Sejima (2010, together with Ryue Ni،zawa), Carme Pigem (2017, together with Ramón Vilalta and Rafael Aranda), Yvonne Farrell and S،ey McNamara (2020), and Anne Lacaton in 2021 (alongside Jean-Philippe V،al). Other winners include some of architecture’s most significant names, like Rem Koolhaas, Oscar Niemeyer, Norman Foster, Peter Zumt،r, Alejandro Aravena, Balkrishna Do،, Francis Kéré, and Sir David Chipperfield in 2023.

As per our annual custom, we aim to engage with our community to learn more about w، deserves to win the prize and the reasons behind it. Cast your vote below and explore w، was expected to win according to our readers in the previous edition of the Pritzker Prize poll in 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020. Please note that neither ArchDaily nor members of the team endorse any candidate and the results of the poll will only represent t،se w، voted.

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