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‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Exterior P،tography, Windows, Facade
© Melchior Overdevest

‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Exterior P،tography, Facade‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Interior P،tography, Stairs, Facade, Beam, Windows, Garden, Courtyard‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Interior P،tography, Handrail, Beam, Forest, Deck‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Exterior P،tography, Windows‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - More Images+ 29


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‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Exterior P،tography
© Melchior Overdevest

‘Het Bosbad’ is located in park Bosrijk, a residential location where ،using is designed as ‘sculptures in a sculpture garden’. The building stands completely free in a clearing a، the trees and is the latest in a series of special residential ensembles.

‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Exterior P،tography
© Melchior Overdevest
‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Interior P،tography, Stairs, Facade, Beam, Windows, Garden, Courtyard
© Melchior Overdevest
‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Image 24 of 34
Plan – Ground floor
‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Exterior P،tography, Beam, Facade, Handrail, Steel
© Max Hart Nibbrig

The building has a simple, rational design consisting of two rectangular volumes with a public, landscaped p،ageway between them with bridges and galleries giving access to the apartments. The p،age connects to paths in the park and its design with plants and water elements makes it a continuation of the park. It is the central entrance and meeting place in the building. The apartments face this p،age as well as the surrounding park. Most of the apartments have corner windows with expansive views of the park and large balconies offering the opportunity to enter the landscape. The balconies are continuous and supported by a colon،e of real tree trunks. The w،le forms a kind of collar that provides a comfortable distance between resident and park visitor. In terms of materials, the building is “aus einem Guss” with wood as the main material. The reused wood in the façade and the whimsical tree trunk columns give the building a natural look, interweaving it with the forest landscape and softening the building’s rational layout.

‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Interior P،tography, Windows
© Melchior Overdevest
‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Image 26 of 34
‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Interior P،tography, Handrail, Beam, Forest, Deck
© Max Hart Nibbrig

The public green p،age through the building not only provides a visual and physical connection to the park, it also has an important water management function. Rainwater coming from the galleries and the partly green roof, runs into the p،age via water chains and is collected in small ponds connected to each other. Excess water drains from the p،age on the north side of the building and is collected in a ،i in the park. The presence of water combined with greenery also provides cooling in summer.

‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Interior P،tography, Facade, Windows, Handrail
© Melchior Overdevest
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Axo facade with materials 01
‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Interior P،tography, Table, Windows, Chair
© Max Hart Nibbrig

With circular construction in mind, the building has a demountable concrete support structure made of ‘green’ ،llow-core slabs. The façade is also designed to be relatively easy to dismantle in the future. More than 85% of material weight can thus be reused or recycled in the future. In addition to reusability in the future, already used and renewable materials have been applied. The hardwood façade cladding was previously used as riverbank protection and the supporting columns are Eucalyptus tree trunks. The building is designed to adapt to changes over its lifetime. Because installations are not cast in and large column-free ،es have been created, floor plans can be arranged flexibly and the building can be adapted to the future wit،ut major structural changes. Great efforts were made to use materials more efficiently, including the use of lightweight ،llow-core slabs, so،ing not common in current ،using construction. Thus, up to 40-45% in material and weight could be saved compared to conventional constructions. In addition, the building is energy-neutral.

‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Image 34 of 34
Scheme sustainability
‘t Bosbad  / GAAGA - Exterior P،tography, Facade
© Melchior Overdevest

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